Crowntail Black Orchid. $25.00. I want to breed my Betta's to get a Black Orchid Betta what kind of Betta's do I need. Jonathan says: November 15, 2019 at 12:39 am. S$ 6.62 shipping. Usually, it will be blue or red and have a blue or red half-circle of lines on its inner tail. Description Betta fish Female CT Dark Black Orchid. S$ 6.66 shipping. In filtered aquariums, feed once or twice a day. * Indicates required field. Quick View. Plakat Candy Multicolour 02 Oktober 26, 2020. Rp 120.000 (1) Stok Habis. I am very new to betta care and have a couple of concerns about my new buddy Sushi. Photo is of the exact fish you are purchasing. meteoriteLearning & Getting Bettas Updates From Thailand. Our bettas are hand selected from the best farms in Thailand. CA$29.99 CA$29.99 Sold out Sign up for the latest sales, stock, and more! Bettas eat insects and other invertebrates in the wild and do best on a varied diet. Wild-type Dragon Halfmoon $ 20.00 Read more; 2120-A: Nemo Veiltail {SOLD} $ 35.00 Read more; Fancy Copper & Mustard Shatter Dragon Halfmoon [SOLD] Melano; Black lace; Metallic; 3. Their diet is mainly built around meaty protein rich foods. ... (TOOK-SBO)Super Black Orchid Halfmoon Male Betta. A sorority is a community tank of female betta fish with 5 or more members. S$ 52.98. Rp 140.000 (4) Sepasang cupang Black Orchid Halfmoon. Red Betta $20.00. Sold. S$ 39.98. referred to as a cambodian betta around here. Ideally it will be a “mollie” black color. Related products. Copper Black Orchid Crowntail. Black Orchid – basically, this betta fish will be pitch black with one other color on its fins. The black orchid betta is dark black in color with streaks of iridescent steel blue in the fins that form a butterfly pattern. Sold. Crowntail black orchid betta. I also give him San Francisco brand bloodworms. The black orchid betta is dark black in color with streaks of iridescent steel blue in the fins that form a butterfly pattern. Comments: This is a Premium Pet Fish, and we never see Premium Bettas like these in any of the live fish stores or the online stores that we visit. Quick View. Live Fish Betta FeMale Premium Grade : Black Orchid (Halfmoondouble) S$ 26.49. Kuantitas Crowntail Black Orchid. 2 Ekor Cupang / betta /Female Big ear. Bettas Male Black Orchid Crowntail $ 30.00. Male Dragon Scale Plakat Betta – #1028 $ 14.99 Add to cart Female Half-Moon Betta – #1021 $ 14.99 Add to cart Male Round Tail Betta – #1018 $ 11.99 Add to cart Male Black Orchid Crowntail Betta – … As it has a shiny surface so is shows shades of magenta. Avoid the headache of transhipping with Prism Bettas Premium Imported Show Bettas located in in Illinois. Minimum tank size: 1/4 gallon - Comes in a wide variety of colors. I think my betta is a female plakat, She has a small round tail, small sharp top fin and a longer bottom fin and she’s a metallic blue with a tint of red when viewed from a certain angle. The ‘Black Lace’ betta is a dark colored fish that rarely approaches the depth and intensity of the melano black. Out of stock. Female bettas are also aggressive, territorial, and unpredictable at times so it’s important to monitor behavior and provide plenty of … Paul: I had a black (no hint of red or black) veiltail male, with clear fins, and a white female with red fins. CA$29.99 CA$29.99 Nemo Dragon Halfmoon Plakat Female Betta #43 (CANADA ONLY!) What Do Betta Fish Eat? or Best Offer. We shipping oversea safe for fish take care fish by partner & trans shipper. This is a mutated gene that causes the black pigment to have an increased coverage area (melanism). Betina /Female Halfmoon Black orchid. The black orchid crowntail betta is a particularly popular variation of this type of betta. For optimum color and growth, feed Aqueon Betta Food or Pro Betta Formula and Betta Treats. Prism Bettas ships to all US States and territories weather and local regulations dependent. Premium Pet Fish are more energetic, hardier, and have better coloration with a beautiful metallic The Plakat, or Plakad, is a short-tailed Betta, and is the most closely related to wild Betta splendens or traditional fighting Bettas. Once again, while this can be done, it’s strongly not recommended for beginners and you should ensure you … Live Betta Fish Copper Black Red Btf HM male from Indonesia Breeder. $30.00 (BBF-661)Black Copper Dragon Halfmoon Male Betta. Black Orchid Betta. Rp 350.000. Out of stock. 13 watching. The Black Orchid Betta is also known as a Siamese Fighting Fish. Free shipping on many items ... Live Betta Fish Sorority Female Halfmoon Blue black Galaxy USA SELLER F149. Female Plakat Avatar Blueblack November 2, 2020. Many black orchids have a red wash in their coloration, further adding to their stunning looks. 7.1 Names for Orange Betta Fish; 7.2 Red Betta Fish Names; 7.3 Names for Yellow Betta Fish; 7.4 Names for Black Betta Fish; 7.5 Names for White Betta … female plakat Dumbo ear. Bettas can breathe from their labyrinth organ which enables the fish to breathe from the surface. Super Black Orchid Halfmoon Plakat Betta (PRE-ORDER) CA$29.99 CA$24.99 On Sale On Sale Black Orchid Halfmoon Plakat Betta (PRE-ORDER) CA$29.99 CA$24.99 On Sale On ... Purple Halfmoon Plakat Female Betta #39 (CANADA ONLY!) S$ 6.62 shipping. The Betta fish is without a doubt one of the most exciting and beautiful fish out there. Female Betta 'What you see, what you get' Female Betta Sorority Groups; Female Giant Betta; Female Wild Betta; Our Choice Select Male Betta; GOLDFISH. Free Diamond Betta Food Mix Included with Purchase. High quality Betta fish for sale by Nice Betta Thailand online store. Rp 75.000. The blue bodied, black finned fish, often called melano when offered for sale, are actually bicolored fish and would be heavily faulted. Bettas Male Besgel Betta $ 40.00. Black Orchid bettas are also rare to see and are very clearly defined. or Best Offer. $50.00 (BBF-644)Copper Yellow Dragon Rose Tail Halfmoon Male Betta. S$ 46.36. Out of stock. If you looking for top quality betta fish or competition betta fish grade please think about us.. Nice Betta Thailand International Betta farm Culture and breeding the betta fish directly in Thailand . An interesting fact about black orchid betta is that this group is further divided into three more types i.e. In unfiltered containers, feed sparingly, once daily. Crowntail Betta Female Sm/md With 16 oz Cup $ 16.75 $ 13.40 SALE Crowntail Betta Female Sm/md $ 12.95 $ 10.36 SALE Black Orchid Crowntail Betta Male Lrg 8 oz Cup $ 30.95 $ 24.76 SALE Live Fish Betta FeMale Premium Grade : Black Orchid (Halfmoondouble) S$ 26.66. Above: This picture shows a young male premium quality Black Orchid Crowntail Betta , in one of our aquariums, when one of us took this picture. I just got him last week and the first couple of days wer going great as he was eating and exploring his surroundings. or Best Offer BETTA FISH WHITE OPAL OVER HALFMOON(OHM) MALE. Contact; 0. Betta Live Fish - Female Nemo Halfmoon - Please Read Description Before Buy. Rp 200.000 (1) Stok Habis. Many black orchids have a red wash in their coloration, further adding to their stunning looks. These gorgeous bettas would be a wonderful addition to any home. paket 2 ekor cupang halfmoon & Plakat Dumbo. Show quality female Betta for sale. The Orchid black betta has a solid color that varies from blue to purple color. Stok Habis. S$ 6.66 shipping. Thus, this fish is hard to breed and randomly appears out of marble batches. If in the unfortunate case of your fish arriving DOA, please send photo of fish in bag to Shadoh Bettas within 24 hours of delivery for a refund of the cost of the Betta only. Rp 250.000 (1) 2 Ekor Cupang / Betta Plakat fancy Sepasang. S$ 9.93 shipping. Get the best deals on Female Live Aquarium Betta Fish when you shop the largest online selection at Quick View. Copper Orchid CT Female “Mrs Copperpot” The Bettas in the attached photos are of the actual Bettas for sale. Female Nemoxy Betta $ 30.00. Red Koi Halfmoon Plakat Male - IMPORT LIVE BETTA FISH FROM THAILAND. subsequently, they always bred true. Any iridescence is faulted. The minimum recommended tank size is 10-gallons (long horizontal tanks are better than tall vertical tanks). Dont miss out on this opportunity to buy show quality male bettas at an amazing price including … He is a beautiful black orchid male (I think he is the product of some mixed breeding as I do not know if he’s a veiltail or not). This entry was posted in Clyst St Mary, Inspiration, Main Blog and tagged Albino Corydoras , Albino Tiger Barb, Black Corydoras Venezuela, Black Molly, blue gourami, Bronze Corydoras , Cherry Shrimp, Crowntail Black Orchid Male Betta, Debauwie Catfish, Female Endler, Gold Blue Eye Neon Tetra, Golden Zebra Danio, Green Jade Shrimp, Green Tiger Barb, Leleupi Cichlid, Marbled Hatchet Fish, … Rp 100.000. In order to qualify as a black orchid, the betta must be a crowntail with a solid Melano type body, and some steel/steel-blue iridescence along the fins. Product. Bettas Male Halfmoon Black Orchid Betta – Premium Betta $ 50.00. Black Orchid Halfmoon Plakat Betta (PRE-ORDER) CA$29.99 CA$24.99 On Sale On Sale Mustard Gas Halfmoon Plakat Betta (PRE-ORDER) CA$29.99 CA$19.99 Black Orchid ... Nemo Dragon Halfmoon Plakat Female Betta #43 (CANADA ONLY!) Plakats can often be mistaken for female Bettas to the untrained eye, however, males will display elongated ventral fins, … These freshwater fish are known best for their beautiful fins and color. Reply. Quick View. Crowntail black orchid betta The black orchid crowntail betta is a particularly popular variation of this type of betta. Most Black Lace fish display too much iridescence in body and fins to be competitive in the Black class, and are instead relegated to Dark Bicolor. the F1 offspring were all black with coffee coloured fins (beige) and a strong, black border on all fins, like eye liner. Hi there! Sold. Contents (clickable) 1 How to Choose a Name for Your Betta Fish; 2 Male Betta Fish Names; 3 Female Betta Fish Names; 4 Unisex Names for Betta Fish; 5 Funny Betta Fish Names; 6 Cute Names for Betta Fish; 7 Betta Fish Names by Color. His name is eggplant and he is a black orchid male. Betta Harems (Female Sorority + Male Betta) As well as keeping one male and one female together some people opt to keep a male betta in with a sorority of females. The Black Betta fish variation has a dark overall coloration. I tried flakes but does not like them. 5 Months old. Show all. More & More Bettas For Sale in USA. A lovely male Black Orchid betta - Image courtesy of Safes aquarium. $20.80 shipping.