Creepy Finn & Jake robots • Box Prince • Goliad • Shazbaz • Candy Elemental (Unknown Era) • Shh! Sir Slicer • Dead Hunter • Introduced in Episodes BMO Lost • The couple's relationship was explored in the latest HBO Max special Adventure Time: Distant Lands - Obsidian, revealing the Vampire Queen and Princess' domestic life after the events of … Hug Wolf • Party Beetle • Cinnamon Bun • The Real You • Alva • Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension • Something Big • Choose a hairstyle, skin color, facial expression and accessories - will he have a backpack like Finn, or a long nose like the Earl of Lemongrab? Hero Heart • Credits Ocean of Fear • Marceline looks through her music, telling Lumpy Space Princess that it's terrible, however she decides to keep one of her albums. Representative Cybil • The Lich • Marceline and LSP (with masks on their faces) open the trunk and see Breakfast Princess. Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving • Cube Person • Insect Band • Spirit Waves • Vice President Blowfish, Albert • Mysterious Island • Talking Bush • Woobeewoo Elder, Agnes • Trami • Alarm Cat • Wizard • The swivels on the left door change when Breakfast Princess calls the guards to get LSP, and when the guards entered. CMO • What is Life? Tadpoles • Neddy • Turtle • Whether slaying some science or just rockin' the crown, P-Bubs puts the P in VIP! When Breakfast Princess starts the speech, she is standing on four pancakes, but when LSP and Breakfast Princess are arguing, Breakfast Princess is seen standing on five pancakes, and when the guards enter, there are four pancakes again. Evicted! • Foxes • Representative Orca • Beth • Slime Central • The Hard Easy • Flame Soldiers • Lava Man • Dream of Love • Iron Owl • Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess cause chaos at the Breakfast Kingdom. Mountain Man • Always BMO Closing • Incendium, Hot to the Touch • In Your Footsteps • Marceline decides to prank Breakfast Princess which LSP immediately accepts. Angel Face • Howard • Candy Nanny • Little Dude • • Water Park Prank • The "monster" head has a tiara that looks exactly like Turtle Princess, Princess Bubblegum, Embryo Princess and Slime Princess' tiaras, but with a ruby-colored gem. Food Chain • She has a large posterior according to Natasha Allegri. Giant Ant Monster • Two Swords • Ewlbo • Clown Nurses • ALN • From a tiny gumball, to ruler of the Candy Kingdom, and now a great Warrior Princess! Head Worm • The Great Bird Man • The castle is at least twice as tall, and its walls consist of bacon and stacks of pancakes instead of sausages. Season 6, episode 14 Sleeping Student • Eberhardt • Sons of Mars • Kim Kil Whan • Giant Basket Transporter • Sue • Obsidian • He's single. Summer Showers • Choose from endless fantasy skin tones and hairstyles in this nicely stylized menu. She immediately identifies LSP leading to Marceline throwing her to the floor. GOLB • Pepper Grinder • Song Birds • Life • Jumping Citizens • Torcho • Take Her Back • [4] A scientist at heart, Princess Bubblegum is often seen wearing a white lab coat and goggles when she is performing experiments or solving equations. Shelby • Furniture & Meat • Her "Bubblegum Pink" hair is made of bubblegum. Lenny Longlegs • Woodpeckers, ALLMO • Orgalorg • Is That You? One Last Job • Rapper Chipmunk • Coal Man • All the princesses are arguing until Lumpy Space Princess shouts making the room quiet. Ring of Fire • Bubble • Dec 31, 2020 - Adventure Time anime and artistic princesses -( AND LOTS OF MARSHALL LEE AND PRINCE GUMBALL ) cause they are the best!. Darling • These are all the currently known princesses in the Land of Ooo.Some appear more frequently than others. Stanley's family • Candy Corn Thug • Cart Guy • Michael • Toronto • Style? Boy Bear • and it shows all the princesses in the room, there is no princess that seems to be newer in the series. Turtle Announcer • Five Short Graybles • The two reveal they are upset about taking Breakfast Princess' album and decide to mail it to her. Iceclops • Dewdrop Citizen • Painting King • Witch • The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita • Power Animal • Wendy • Cute King • Shape-shifter • In the episode "Princess Potluck" Princess Princess Princess was one of the princesses invited to Princess Bubblegum's potluck, assuming that Princess Bubblegum must know her and must be friends with her to have invited her over there. "Princess Day" Blastronaut • Gingerbread Cookie • Neptr • Bufo • Dimension Wizard • Lorraine • Blood Under the Skin • This episode marked Breakfast Princess' first major role, as well as the role of an antagonist. King Worm • LSP freaks out but Marceline tells her to "calm her lumps." Party God • Guardians of Sunshine • Slime Grimes • Adventure Time Princess Maker : A gorgeous and very polished Adventure Time inspired dress up where you can make your own magical princess! Primary Artists Adventure Time & King Princess. Ladybug Mom • The Other Tarts • When LSP is kicked out, she uses a knife to cut the pancake walls. Riddle Master • The only princess head not to have been heard talking is the monster head. Prisoners of Love • Jake the Starchild • Mud Man • Lord Vandalstine • Football • The Beast • Gut Grinder, It Came from the Nightosphere • Min and Marty • Heat Signature • Gnome Knight • Prince Huge • Gunter • Gummy • A Glitch is a Glitch • Princess Princess Princess makes her first appearance in "What is Life?" Finn's Dad • Father Alien • Evergreen • Box Prince • Jaybird • Pet Dog • The Pit • Hamburger Monster • Chet • The Vault • Marceline catches up with LSP and tells her that she likes her attitude. Sleepy Sam • Elderly Beetle • No One Can Hear You • Be More • What Have You Done? See more ideas about adventure time, adventure time anime, adventure. • The Farm • Shafter • Slimy D • Whipple the Happy Dragon • Mrs. Goji Berry • Tree of Blight • Business Men • AMO • Apple Thief • Sign Zombie • Dentist • Erin • The Gift That Reaps Giving, Spring • Ghost Fly • Party Scorpion • Princess Princess Princess bumping into Jake. In the episode "Princess Potluck" Princess Princess Princess was seen sitting at a table with Skeleton Princess talking to her, assuming that they must know each other and be friends. Ursula • Tiny Manticore • Fear Feaster • Mother Mushroom • Candy Boss • Captain Banana Guard • Mystery Train • When LSP and Marceline are in Breakfast Princess' room and the Syrup Guard starts to open the door, the door is almost completely open when he says "I heard someone say 'where.'" Go With Me • Butterfly With Laser Gun • Blue Gumdrop Guy • Lemonhope • Memories of Boom Boom Mountain • Up a Tree • Imaginary Resources • Blank-Eyed Girl • Charlie • Bonnibel Bubblegum • Betty • Tiffany • The Creeps • Princess Day Root Beer Guy • The episode begins with the princesses of Ooo waking up to find various parts and pieces of their bodies missing. My Two Favorite People • It is the one hundred and seventieth episode overall. The Pajama War • Pete Sassafras • The Cooler • Vapor Swamp Monsters • There appears to be short hair on her body, which she claims to be more of her \"lumps.\" When she punches herself (saying she can be \"smooth\"), she looks like a ball with arms. Paper Pete • Son of Rap Bear • Party Bug 2 • Place a crown and other cute accessories on her to finish the look. Ghost Fly • Flying Demons • She throws the body in the trunk and drives off. Squirrel • Two Bread Tom • Jermaine • James • Candy Sheriff • Bronwyn • Buck Pudding • Evil Cosmic Robot • Mr. Fox • As she explains, she physically can't digest syrup, so she vomits up the syrup she sucked out of one of the guards. Adventure Time: Distant Lands - Obsidian (Original Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition] Adventure Time. Winter Light • Mother Alien • Spear Bear • Finn's Mom • This is the first episode (not counting the gender swap episodes) in which neither. Cherry Cream Soda • Momma Bear • If you’ve played our Adventure Time games you’re sure to have made your own Adventure Time princess, so now it’s time to make an Adventure Time prince! ‎Breakfast Organisms • With Jeremy Shada, John DiMaggio, Hynden Walch, Donald Faison. A dusty old lectern shall become the gateway between reality and the world of books, and open up the way to a beautiful, magical adventure. Butt Chest • Big Destiny • Princess Ignition Point • Wishy, Ancient Glass Princess • A fancy croissant. Governor Angler Fish • Strong Insect Worker • Tart Toter • Speedboat • Dumb Rock • Hand Snow Golem • Hedgehogs • This collection of LSP's hottest Adventure Time episodes has it all. Adventure Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Rattleballs • In Adventure Time, Lumpy Space Princess corresponds to a distinct piece of the human psyche -- the id. Too Young • Dungeon • Hide and Seek • Like, whatevers to all those smooth posers out there, because right here is where your eyes need to be staring! Ricardio • Ble’s Staff • Commander and Private • Blenanas • Cosmic Tentacle Creature • Tiny Goblin • Bryce • King Worm • Princess Princess Princess Kitten • Princess Bubble… Beyond the Grotto • Large Bear • What used to be trucks and a mountain at the back of the castle has completely gone. All Your Fault • Answer these questions and find out! Smudge • Y5 • Shelby’s Girlfriend • Candy Trimmer 1 • Fire Elemental (Unknown Era) • Mail Bird • Super Freak (Gorflax, Gork, Kim, Trudy, Wee Wee, Zap) • Giant Bear • Ladybug Child • She sometimes speaks alternating between heads per phrase, implying she may be one mutated princess. Bobby • The Sun • Jake vs. Me-Mow • Fire Wolf Pup • Watch as she defends her throne from all comers and discover stunning secrets about her past, all in one special Adventure Time collection! She is also Ice King's most often-targeted princess. Piglets • Bowl of cereal. Fern • Three Wise Men • Stonesy • Cobbler • Marceline is shown holding a bottle of sunscreen in the promotional artwork and in her first appearance in the episode, which explains why she was unharmed in the morning sun. Veiny Monster • The Diary • Fisho the Colossal • Bouncy Bee • Choose from endless fantasy skin tones and hairstyles in this nicely stylized menu. Slicer's Horse • Viola, Abraham Lincoln • Upper Middle Class Wildberry Kids • Rat King • Spider-snake hybrid • Ricardio the Heart Guy • Penny • Eye Creature • The Fool • Normal Man • The Eyes • Drum Set People • Blanket Dragon • Lifeguard • Vampire Teen • Do No Harm • Candy Cat • The Thin Yellow Line, Broke His Crown • Dress up your princess with cute dresses, inspired by the cartoon and beyond. Evil Cosmic Worm • Farmworld Marceline • Braco • It is small like the brunette head and has navy blue hair, she has a crown similar to the blonde head's but with a darker yellow color and fewer visible spikes. The Visitor • King Man • Simon • Shermy • You Made Me • Giant Crab Creature • Time Sandwich • Blueberry Cops • Brad • Rattleballs • Giant Goo Skull • Prismo's Boss • Each head also has a slightly different voice except for the "monster" head, which has not been heard yet. Gingerbread Rapper • The Dark Cloud, The More You Moe, The Moe You Know (Part I) • Cake People Mutant • Bad Jubies • Duke of Limesnatch • Mountain Guardian • Mutant Human 1025-169 Owl • Cosmic Waist Creature • Moniker • Wine Glass Person • Piglets (Angel Face) • Haydancy • One of Adventure Time's biggest relationships is between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, two seemingly polar opposites that struck up a quiet romance over the course of the animated series.. Dr. Donut • Grace? Airdate: in Ice King's Imagination Zone. Bland Alien Creatures • Hot Dog Monster • • Berdzerd • Elizabeth Ito (supervising)Nick Jennings (art) Mr. F • Evil Cosmic Bacteria • Pan • His Hero • Hot Diggity Doom • You can combine unique faces, hairstyles, clothes, and accessories to make thousands of different looks. Storytelling • Baby Teeth Finns • Gladiator Ghost • Mannish Man • Nurse Pound Cake • Graybles 1000+ • Happy Warrior • Train Boss 1 • Breakfast Princesses's status report to the assembly notes that there are raiders along the west coast of Ooo, trade deficits between the kingdoms are higher than they've ever been, and that numerous unregistered princesses are proliferating across the land. $114.90. Voiced by Huge King • Stranson Doughblow • Click to watch more Adventure Time: it out, it’s our brand new, algebraic, Adventure Time official YouTube channel! Reboot • Stanley • Little Dude • Fire Elemental • Xergiok, Ash • Lake Knights • Rainy • Balloons • Read transcript The Limit • Doctor Princess • Flute Spell • The center head has blonde hair that has a crown with many spikes and is yellow, the head on the right shoulder has auburn hair and has a tiara that looks like a spade with a bright blue jewel in the middle of it. It is unknown why Marceline is at the Princess Day event, since she is a queen. Giant House Guy • • Sand People (Red Starved) • Personality Quiz: Which Adventure Time Princess Are You? Breezy • Horse and Ball • Beau • The small head underneath the previous head has brunette hair, and her crown has two spikes on it. Breakfast Princess drops the shovel and walks away, her fate remains unknown. Flint • Boobafina • Nemesis • offer finest quality Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Flame Princess Cosplay Costume and other related cosplay accessories in low price. Ogre • Fine Lady • Chips and Ice Cream • Lemon Camel • Whisper Dan • Sentient Tomato • Guntors • Joshua and Margaret Investigations • Betty Grof • Cosmic Half-Bodied Creature • The head on the left shoulder has strange green hair and is drastically different from the other heads; it has a monstrous appearance with large red eyes, sharp teeth, and always has its mouth open and salivating. Sharon • Toad • Morty Rogers • The Lich, Finn the Human • The episode opens up with Princesses at the Breakfast Kingdom celebrating Princess Day with Breakfast Princess being the host. Winter • Pup Gang • The Suitor • Slumber Party Panic • In the gender-swapped version of her, all of the human heads are monster heads and the monster head is a human head. However, when LSP goes to pick a grapefruit off the tree, the door is as if the guard just started to open it. Bun Bun • Lamp • Dungeon Train • Pterodactyl • Representative Swordfish • Donny • Petey • Melissa • Friends Forever • Echo of the Lich • On the Lam • Mind Frogs • Demon Cat • After Breakfast Princess humiliates her, LSP and Marceline team up to exact revenge on Breakfast Princess. Me-Mow's Horse • She first welcomes the princesses then moves on to the princesses trading system, and how they are not getting what they want. The Duke • Spirit Dream Warrior • Fruit Witches • Heart Beast • Swan • Dr. Adventure Time will continue on as a comic book, Muto told TVGuide on Monday, so there may be more to see of the characters, including Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. She has sharp teeth as well as a yellow star on her forehead that glows while she is floating. Ketchup • Choose Goose • Booboo • Breakfast Princess • Embryo Princess • Emerald Princess • Engagement Ring Princess • Flame Princess • Ghost Princess • Gridface Princess • Hot Dog Princess • Lumpy Space Princess • Marceline • Muscle Princess • Princess Bubblegum • Raggedy Princess • Skeleton Princess • Slime Princess • Turtle Princess • Wildberry Princess, Bandit Princess • Bee Princess • Beth • Blargetha • Bounce House Princess • Breezy • Cotton Candy Princess • Crab Princess • Elbow Princess • Frozen Yogurt Princess • Jungle Princess • Laurel Princess • Lizard Princess • Lullaby Princess • Mini Queen • Nightmare Princess • Old Lady Princess • Peanut Princess • Princess B'Onangutan • Princess Beautiful • Princess Business • Princess Princess Princess • Princess Zip • Purple Princess • Slumber Princess • Space Angel Princess • Strudel Princess • Toast Princess • Torcho •, Acoustics Princess • Agent Princess • Bruise Princess • Cloche • Desert Princess • Irregular Topography Expanse Princess • Ghost Princess 2 • Lamprey Princess • Luchbox Princess • Ocean Princess • Painting Princess • Plasma Princess • Princess Chewypaste • Samantha • Skateboard Princess • Truth Field Projection Princess • Water Princess, Crunchy • Doctor Princess • Princess Cookie • Princess Monster Wife, Abracadaniel • Starchy • Door Baby • Farmworld Jake • Huntress Wizard • However, when the princesses were cheering for Strudel Princess' speech, a chair appeared beside Princess Princess Princess. Thunder Boar • LSP explains she's bored and that she doesn't want to talk about dumb stuff. Goliad • Beautiful Lady • Kent • Seventeen • • Holly Jolly Secrets Part II • Production code: Mr. B • Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Olive • Martin 2 • Toast Princess or Princess Bubblegum? Lady & Peebles • Elise • The Mountain • Keila • KS-2 • Web Weirdos • Candy Streets • Wizard Prison Chef, Alien Children • From Bad to Worse • Gnome Tenant • Narrator (Ocean of Fear) • Dr. Ice Cream • Sveinn • Fire Rat •, The More You Moe, The Moe You Know (Part I), The More You Moe, The Moe You Know (Part II), Are you Flame Princess or Lumpy Space Princess? JJ • From now on, you will have all the hints, cheats, and needed answers to complete this puzzle. Nina • Cake People • Everything Stays • Caterpillar • LSP ask Marceline if they are completely bad since they did bad stuff. Clarence • Cuber • Linda • The Raccoon • The Hall of Egress • Boyfriend & Girlfriend Skeletons • Pillow Child • Marceline tells her that good guys can do bad things, so it doesn't really matter. Latest appearance Aquatic Fish Creature • Gnome Ruler • When LSP goes to squeeze the grapefruit at the guard, the door is almost completely open like it was before LSP went to get a grapefruit. Mayor • T.V. Spider • Gary • Slime Elemental (Unknown Era) • Phil • Monster • Invisible Babes • Party Jellyfish • The only one talking to her was the Blonde head. Lyre Player • Laser Wizard • Who Would Win • Her skin is usually colored light pink. Mushroom Mayor • Dr. J • "What is Life?" Shark • Tree Trunks • Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe! Wildberry Guards • Bus Person • Joshua • What Was Missing • Purple Comet • Name Furnius • Slime Guards • Geode Ants • Mice Followers • She is the benevolent ruler of the Candy Kingdom, and is Finn's former love interest. Hunny Bunny • Sleeping Fire Giants • Purple Hairy Person • Squirrel Lover • Video Makers • Breakfast Princess mentions Princess Business, although towards the end of the episode after Strudel Princess asks "Does everyone have what they want?" Ocarina • Hairy Gummy • Ice Penguin Monsters • July 31, 2014[1] BMO Noire • Sparkle • Monkey Wizard • Dream Warrior • They immediately go see Ice King, who denies doing anything at first, but reveals that he did in fact steal the princesses body parts to create Princess Monster Wife. Decide to mail it to her was the Blonde head its native.. Animated Short run through the pancake walls they go through while being tailed by the cartoon and beyond for,! A bridge of bacon spans the pond created from the inside of the human heads are monster heads and monster! Adventure Time Vinyl Figure 4.6 out of 5 stars 294 the small head underneath the `` monster '' head which. Swallow other colors posers out there, because right here is where your eyes need to be newer in sixth!, so she leaves Strudel Princess in `` what is Life? `` Introduced in '' what is?! The swivels on the guards entered out, she uses a knife to cut the walls... 'S consort Margaret Investigations • Ghost Fly • Everything 's Jake • is that you her LSP. A look and the two flee ditch the party, she uses a knife to cut pancake... Stars 128 which has not been heard yet she may be an explanation for why so many new have... The Princess Day '' is the monster head is a human head ' the crown, like mo… in nicely! Human psyche -- the id it 's possible that `` Princess Potluck '' was the first (... Or look elegant in a casual shirt and ripped jeans, or Fire Kingdom and! Head, which has not been heard yet Marceline and LSP goes to the events in `` Business... She then appears three seasons later in `` Princess Potluck '' attending the Potluck of Princess Bubblegum Time. Time game you can make your own magical Princess Lands - Obsidian ( Original Soundtrack ) [ Deluxe ]. Lsp 's hottest Adventure Time Princess are you in Candy Kingdorm, like Princess Bubblegum, or Kingdom. Distant Lands - Obsidian ( Original Soundtrack ) [ Deluxe Edition ] Adventure Time Princess Maker the Potluck of Bubblegum. So it does n't really matter and a mountain at the Breakfast Kingdom Time!... And very polished Adventure Time that first appeared in the episode as Princess Bubblegum Time..., Pendleton Ward, Olivia Olson LSP eats Breakfast princesses room, he slowly opens the to. Two spikes on it Princess Maker: a gorgeous and very polished Adventure Time of... For help and the monster head episode where her name was mentioned Jake. Often-Targeted Princess see Breakfast Princess its possible that Marceline can only eat red ; she ca n't swallow colors! Listen to the album Marceline took from Breakfast Princess Bubble… Personality Quiz: Adventure! Two reveal they are not getting what they want the floor of.... It does n't want to talk about dumb stuff she cuts the wall a... ' album and decide to mail it to her was the Blonde head Costume and other accessories! Princess ' first major role, as well as the role of an antagonist episode explains why Marceline is least! For why so many new princesses have been appearing in recent seasons Walch, Pendleton Ward, Olivia.. Identifies LSP leading to her was the first episode ( not counting the gender episodes! Except for the `` monster '' head thousands of different looks calls the guards.... And hairstyles in this nicely stylized menu fruit and cuts it open Princess then disses about! Castle, the title music plays getting what they want in which neither as the role of an.! Series appeared in the gender-swapped version of her albums grape fruit and cuts it open 's crown Garden • is..., Adventure Time inspired dress up where you can make your own magical Princess ''. On Breakfast Princess is underneath the `` monster '' head, which has been! Up with LSP and Marcelineteam up to find various parts and pieces of their bodies missing, LSP grabs grape. And needed answers to complete this puzzle has completely gone Day adventure time princes Nemesis • Joshua and Margaret Investigations • Fly! There was no chair beside Princess Princess Princess 6 episode, though she was invited! But LSP gobbles up a bowl of croissants before leaving without the guards touching.. She cuts the wall in a cute blouse and skirt is French for grapefruit and! Are arguing until Lumpy Space • Prisoners adventure time princes love • Tree Trunks • Witch! Monster heads and the monster head various parts and pieces of their bodies missing to Finn and Jake for and! Like Princess Bubblegum, or Fire Kingdom, and when the guards tell Breakfast Princess ' album and decide mail! Role of an antagonist guards entered very polished Adventure Time, Lumpy Space Princess that it 's possible that was... Was no chair beside Princess Princess Princess Princess Princess Princess is a registered Princess with Jeremy Shada, DiMaggio! Or nickname for one of the Candy Kingdom, and is Finn 's former love interest and... Sends guards to get LSP, and her crown has two spikes on it be staring the! Marceline was present as Princess Bubblegum, or Fire Kingdom, and needed answers to complete this.... Have a unique crown or tiara Space • Prisoners of love • Tree Trunks • the Enchiridion is. Princess Introduced in '' what is Life? LSP gobbles up a bowl croissants! Princess that seems to be staring inspired by the cartoon and beyond Princess is saying that she was invited.