I reckon they are new age incarnations of Max Mueller who did intense damage to our culture, by terming our histories as mythology. ” misery”? A comedy of errors soon follows. ThePrint has the finest young reporters, columnists and editors working for it. His desires are awakened (kandarpa samajayata), and he asks her brother Krishna about her. Subhadra was looking other worldly beautiful. Subhadra’s voice has been silenced and all the wrongdoings against her have either been disregarded or worse, romanticised. Then it is beyond my comprehension, the marriage between Subhadra and Arjun. RSS/ BJP to restore “Hindutva” Brahmanal Social order “gives membership to criminals /Goons, Bandits, Rapist supported & protected & garlanded by BJP MPs & MLAs. It is because of people like you that Maharishi Daya Nand, Swami Vivekanand other scholars had to come forward to put an end to ill-practices. How dare you to not taking approval from me to put it here. Because after abduction, Yadavas persuaded Arjuna to return to Dwarka. Are Arjun and Subhadra cousins. I believe this is where ‘hinduism’ is distinctly different, throwing itself open to interpretations. Arjun Subhadra love story 2.9K Reads 547 Votes 23 Part Story. Being in army has it own perks but not entitle you to criticize anything without substantial evidences. Dear author, don’t misquote the grand epics to propagate your selfish hinduphobic views! Welcome Guest. Throughout the night, their lesson continued under the … Even in Mahabharata, Subhadra’s favor for Arjuna is explained through adjectives like ‘shuchismitAm’ (bright smile), hriyamANAM (feeling shy). Be ause all the Print offices eill be burnt in next minute. There have been brutal layoffs and pay-cuts. Don’t be mordern Rawana giving reflection of sadhu, Be faithful to your ancestors, Do not abuse your Owen family tree , when it most needs you, there is always two kind of arguments one Good Tarka and the bed one is Kutarka, God (which ever god you believe in ) gave you intelligence use it for the good cause and to create hate, work for the betterment of society not to break it. For Sita the conecent was not there is evendently mentioned over and over again. Subhadra is a character in the Mahabharata. The article shows only half-truth. These congies, Muslims, converted Christians writes wrong about Hinduism. 9 years ago. But can you compare those marriage or patent to Ravan abducting Sita? 9 years ago. The website itself is owned by Shekhar Gupta, what else can we expect. Both of you have a bright futures as vandals of Indian culture for lining you pocket. I would like a reply. Book III : Aranya Kanda – The Forest Trek, तस्यास्तत्सुनसं वक्त्रमाकाशे रावणाङ्कगम्।, न रराज विना रामं विनालमिव पङ्कजम्।।3.52.18।।. the writers could have stated at the beginning that they are students at an US university and writing a story to sell there. Subhadra was dressed in the red bridal outfits with golden ornaments , sitting on the bed decorated with rose petals. With the moon shining at their head they began. Many stories that are same have different interpretation and motivation in both the books. NOTE THE FELLATIO POSE – WHITE TEETH AND RED LIPS ! Brahmanal Social Order – you must know nigher Sri Krishna or Arjuna were Brahmins. Great to know you care! If you have respect for your own Bengali culture then read Kashidashi Mahabharata. That’s why Arjuna abducted her, under her own accord. Ooh what a combination. But don’t worry.. over the past 70 years people of india hve dealt with enough of the poison from such writers that they have developed immunity to it… It licensed authors who were too uneasy with her abduction to create an elaborate and ornate romance. But you article fails to give evidence the same from Subhadra.. and there is enough in the later part of Mahabharata where subhadra never showed her non concent and happily had a baby with Arjun. It is said, that when you read the Mahabharata and Ramayana, again and again, your perception and understanding keeps changing, and you will have more clarity, and it helps understand where you are in your life and why you are there. If they are Personal, F***king write them on blog or personal journal. Arjun was speechless same as he was when he had seen her for the first time. Let me have the honor to give you a reply, Shriman Hari. And this debate of right and wrong, dharma and adharma is the core of Mahabharata. These guys of the Europe and the Middle East used to come and pay in Gold and buy goods made in India as they did not even have industry to make cloths. . The most dangerous statements are those lies with an ounce of truth of fake references. Tara Charan Shikdar’s Bengali Bhadra-Arjun (1852) and Bhargavam Varerkar’s Marathi Sannyashache Lagna (1945) shows her actively pursuing Arjun, flouting the restraints Balaram imposed on her. Krishna replies that swayamvar is the acceptable form of marriage for Kshatriyas. Kulasekhar Varma’s 10th century Subhadra Dhananjay takes away the burden of abduction from Arjun and dumps it on Duryodhan, who apparently sent a cloud-demon to abduct Subhadra. You make your own story and give your won justification. With every passing day it becomes clear that The Print is an irresponsible second rate magazine, with an anti-India agenda, funded by anti-national forces. * winner of Draupadi Swaymber B.R. Sita’s face looked beautiful with her smooth forehead, shining hair and spotless complexion like the inside of a lotus, with clean, white, shining teeth, a nice nose and lovely red lips. THE CLIMACTIC EJACULATION ! This itself gives it a resolute strength that makes it tower over others. RSS/BJP Bhakts / Gundas adore sex and majorities are Rapist. Knowing this, Subhadra’s half-brother, Krishna sensed their mutual feelings and after the consent from Balarama, the two got married. bahut bura hua .. khuda khair kre, Tum gangagi mein pade rahe ho to gandagihi pasand aayegi, The surnames of the two chowdhary, and Ghosh. She is worshiped as an incarnation of Goddess Yogmaya. I have already madee enouggh backup of the content of this site so that you can’t escape that this page never existed. The word used here is ‘aropyat’, which is strangely the same word that Valmiki used to describe the abduction of Sita in Ramayana. It was only the stories she heard from brother Krishna that made her fall in love with Arjun. The authors are graduate students of history and art history at Mcgill University and the University of Wisconsin Madison. Interesting analysis, though the authors seem to be making their own assumptions on the other side as well. I think this writer either says he lived in the time of Mahabharata or is unaware – Subhadra falls in love with Arjuna. In the mind:- purity and impurity. Arjun also likes Subhadra. It’s sole objective is to create division, generate hatred and harm India. The Satanic Verse is that Ravana made Seeta perform fellatio ! The writer of Mahbharat has not mentioned what the Subhadra wanted as mentioned by this author. Love story of arjun and subhadra. For Subhadra, Arjuna was already a hero Soon Arjuna was established under a tree in Subhadra's gardens. In love and war, there is no rule, if you have truly loved anyone you will understand, what is Love. Be warned that you are inviting troubles that are beyond your understanding or comprehension. In Odia, we find a sizeable genre on their romance. All the credit goes to beautiful Ravana who did not force himself on Sita.. yes I too agree. Probably when ancient rishi’s realized that some idiot will make this mistake, Bhagwat Purna clarified it further. Especially in May 2020 onward. You read it from your limited view and your uncontrolled monkey mind and create an interpretation. You have entered an incorrect email address! Copyright © 2020 Printline Media Pvt. 0 0. Mahabharata was not some simple happy-go-lucky type events, it was sheer politics where state and larger good was more important than any individual’s. Sorry to all for this article. Misconstruing and twisting the facts has become the bread and butter of these modern Indologists. I dare you to write a similar piece about a Muslim/ Christian Holy books. You guys go outside the country and spoil the image of our country and our relics by publishing and bitching on each other. So i request the print to stop giving publicity to such people. But, Subhadra was the true sister of Balarama, who wanted his sister to marry the prince of Hastinapura – Duryodhana and he objected her marriying Arjuna. Yeah there was 11 rapes commitee in 7th century by a rangeela rasool the first asaram of the world who was such a pedophile that he raped his friends 6 years old daughter when he himself was of her grandpa’s age. 1183 Arjun and Subhadra were first cousins. It is getting abused. C. A man(Krishna) who saved the honour of a woman being disrobed in public, goes against the will of HIS OWN Sister? In a largely feudal and patriarchal mindset it never mattered whether Subhadra was abducted or not and Lord Krishna’s role in it. Whatever you wrote is as fantastic as the scatological shit you have in your brain, oh you son of 6th keep of Zakir Naik. Chopra’s 1988 TV series Mahabharat went as far as to show her abducting him. Wake up sir ,either change your name So it does not reflect as Sanatani . Whole city financed Old man’s pilgrimage as they will be all satisfied by her. And believe it or not, there are many stories about him which will be of great interest to the public – if you understand what is implied. These so called mindless and good for nothing researchers think that whatever trash they write will be received by readers . She said to Krishna, “Arjuna has pledged to protect Gaya’s life. Ltd. All rights reserved. Maybe abduction is justified if done by the ‘Hero’? THE NOSE IS NEAR THE MOUTH ! We have the freedom to question our religion but what we think is what we read and what we see and some kind of action must be taken against such rubbish. Nobody can save him from me.” Arjuna and Krishna face to face: Krishna with Sudarshan Chakra. In India, arranged marriage is a tradition which is carried till date. With time, the divine cult of Krishna became bigger than other brahmanical gods. If you have to bother about Hindutwa so much, yes – Hindutwa and Hindu Dharma has given 1000 ds of years of knowledge, wisdom, science, architecture, philosophy, architecture to this World. But this very author seems to know that Subhadra’s haran was against her wishes . you might not have read even 10 percent of all scriptures in Hinduism. Majority will think you are the most idiot. No hard feelings. Atleast now people can comment on the articles… Write about those where they don’t even respect women and kept them away from education. It also mentioned Subhadra was driver of chariot. Whether you live in India or overseas, you can do it here. The unease is perhaps best captured by Ravi Varma in his iconic painting where Subhadra looks away hesitantly as persistent Arjun tugs at her hand. What are they trying to convey through this article? Such a shame ! So you can have your interpretation and shame but do not impose it like bible when your arguments are shaky. Authors would be pleased to know that there is no one official Mahabharata. Arjun falls in love with the woman he saved and also finds himself conflicted about his prior love for Subhadra. Shame on you and your thoughts. The girl is married to body, she doesn’t know or like. Your article telling half story. You have said “The authors are presently working on the novelised retelling of Subhadra’s abduction. Seeing his valour, Subhadra gives her heart to him. It also mentioned Subhadra was driver of chariot. All such indecent liberties are forced upon sanatan dharm mythology. She is also worship along with Krishna & Balram in Puri Jagganath mandir. Take this shit down. By the narration, you people seem to have vendetta against Hinduism only (Others would have not spare you if you put any conspiracy theory about ‘Book from sky’ and Gabriel). We need to see a more holestic approach also before analysing an incident in isolation. Arjuna/Subhadra(Mahabharata) Arjuna (Mahabharatha) Abhimanyu (Mahabharata) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Fluff; i guess; Father-Son Relationship; Summary. After escaping Krishna returned and dissuaded them. Krishna raped rukmani at her age of 8. I never knew we had such morans in journalism. Prabhu has the intelligence, technology, resources of 3M and capabilities to think out of the box. PLEASE READ THE NOVEL ON MAHABHARATA BY NAMED PRAVA , WRITTEN BY SHRI BYRAPPA. After getting the news that Subhadra has eloped with Arjuna and seeing her stowed on the chariot, Balarama and other Yadavas are angered by this and decide to pursue Arjuna who successfully held them off. But Islam is different as a prophet had relations with a child and his slave and his daughter in law. In the guise of giving freedom (such views reject the absolute authority of God) and with it the protections that everyone was afforded in a God conscious society. Their academic profile shows so, learning things from foreign university but are able to puke about mythology. Journalism is or was never about your personal views. An attempt to de glorify Mahabharata in particular and Hinduism in general…. Don’t forget all the support that Krishna provided to Pandavas. Yes Hinduism is evolving. She was continuously weeping and wiping her tears. The best of journalism is shrinking, yielding to crude prime-time spectacle. Now, the Vrishni's were staunch allies of the Pandavas. You denial if true reflects very poorly on your due diligence in proofreading an article prior to publication. They are happy abusing Indians and Hindu culture. Subhadra is YogaNaya herself…. They were in action since Left parties supported Indira Gandhi in 1960 to be as PM and they took over our education system. The play ends with the resolution of this absurd conflict. Else they should be ready to accept criticism. Just dug up an obscure episode from the world’s longest poem to degrade and demean Hindus. But shamelessly they still vouch for those who were the cause. We worship him for era, haven’t worship Shakuni or Dhritarastra. kings and future kings had to pass the test even women had a say if they didn’t wanted some one not to participate in the test …. A complete information on love story of Arjun and Subhadra. Arjun corrected her hasta mudras while Subhadra taught her to tap her feet to the tune. You (author) are a better historical source than the puranas? Thank you for taking the pain to reveal yourself. So said to her, "You must first win the affection of Draupadi. Discuss about something else of importance, What’s purana says; what are the realities; these all has come through memorization . Her face which was pleasing like the Moon on the lap of Ravana appeared as though the Moon was rising through dark clouds. Remember the movie – The Ten Commandments Mosses introduces a file cloth and says to the king “My Lord now I introduce the finest cloth in the World – from India – they call it Silk”. This news comes with a Sino-Islamic leftist ideology. This is quite offensive to the hallmark work of Vyasa. Oil prices crashed your desert masters are broke – and funds to pay for your mischief making Are drying up…. beautiful mam. And also many languages written, rewritten using there motions, emotions,& whatnots,, Somany & so forth, Nothing better can be expected from the print run by dynasty slave shekhar gopta And if you have guts try criticize other peaceful Religion’s scriptures sometime, Well said. Bongs will always be idiots and crook the core. 1) because he doesn’t know what Subhadra’s decision in the swayamvar would be. Arjun saves her but doesn’t know who she is. I clear it once and all, I won’t be part of such Hinduphobic post which portrays false image. November 3, 2020 Uncategorized No Comments Uncategorized No Comments India needs free, fair, non-hyphenated and questioning journalism even more as it faces multiple crises. And as the Yadus sported and enjoyed themselves in the fragrant woodlands on the Raivataka, Arjuna, now in his usual attire, mounted his chariot. Why are they so critical about the spiritual lilas of the Supreme Lord? Subhadra went with Arjuna on her own wish. Arjun falls in love with the woman he saved and also finds himself conflicted about his prior love for Subhadra. That she really regretted or resented it? I think The print is only asking us to have a workshop on how to address the biased attacks of hinduphobia. The illustrious poet Upendra Bhanja’s Subhadra Parinay plays with the ‘abduction followed by saviour’ trope, but also finds a way to hint at Krishna’s will. Who had completely compromised to the Left and Islamic propagandists by taking money. Both Arjuna and Subhadra came back. I know that ur media is biased hinduphobic. There is no point in reading old classics and trying to fit them into 21st century values. Very distasteful article… The South Indian version gives more details – Subhadra was equally in love with Arjuna – tasmAt subhadrA cakame pauruSAd bharatarSabham, satyasandhasya rUpeNa chAturyeNa cha mohitA. * A legendry warrior I request them to just introspect, and ask themselves, what wrong has Lord Krishna done to them in their lives? Swayamvar itself shows that women had freedom of their choice but in case of subhadra ji if swayamvar didn’t happen and advised Arjun to abduct her then of course bhagwan Krishna might have some hell lot of a bigger reason to do so. The PRINT is another name for THRASH None of its main actors are flawless. This misinterpretation is just a publicity stunt. Hi Chowdhury and Ghosh: To stop a evil, one can’t be like Yiodhistira to fight against evil. Just on being meths doesn’t mean that author can write anything on the name of journalism and save ass by writing Views are personal. Yes! 2). They led her to the centre of the garden, where the grass glistened as the dawn-time droplets of water that headed those emerald strands. Thus to get her married according to her own consent she was told to drive Arjuna’s chariot herself.. Bhagavat Purana is also composed by VYASA who is the composer of Mahabharata as well.. ( You will use this blank space for all the abuses) Arjuna forced himself and subhadra was victim of domestic violence and poor lady could not speak against it. There is an old saying that one shouldn’t keep the Mahabharata in their home. Not researched properly at all.. Very irresponsible article. Draupadi is furious when she learns that Arjun is returning to Indraprastha with Subhadra after breaking his oath. Rubbish …. * A known relative. In the epic, she is the sister of Krishna and Balarama, wife of Arjuna and mother of Abhimanyu and grandmother of Parikshit. But the news media is in a crisis of its own. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION TO THE AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE. Well you are drawing a paraller between Sita and subhadra apharan. print cannot dare to publish any criticism of Ouoran. Also, why are you so worried about a story happened 7000years ago. Nakul parantu with gulping saliva said again Subhadra bhabi is not any storm ….. Arjun look shocked when Bheem said ha parantu…. Those 2 scholars, Mr. Prabhu and his glorious Team, the readers not just of Print and 7.3 billion human persons, are each experiencing such endearments of a better change, consciously and unconsciously. please improve your level of journalism or you will be nowhere in near future. Such a simple explanation. Some figures have been deified and their wrongs condoned. They used to wear animal hides and leaves as clothing in those days. B. Please understand that these are stories to portray human qualities and the correct path. when you have millions of stories similar every day in real life. Can we do police complain against author? Yeh minority appeasement band karo…. What has your Khalifas & Sulthans given. Shame on you Shekhar gupta, shame on you. I fail to understand what the author is pissed about , the tweaking of story to make it more cultured for mass consumption ,why is the author criticizing the character of a story as if he is a real person, author is expecting gender equality at a time 2000 years ago when these stories were written is preposterous to say the least, please think through before voicing an opinion in a reputed brand like the print. Enough ,already so much damage you and people like you have done to this country’s soul. We have not worship Duryodhan, we all know what he did. P.S. Some idiot forced further clarification in this matter. And if Mahabharata had the guts to make dropadi confront and ask questions to yudhishthira. Ujaan, You are such a Bas****. In Telugu, we come across Tallapaka Tirumalamma’s 15th-century Subhadra Kalyanam. No new discovery or inventions for Covid19 or a national importance . Whether happened or unhappened as we always picturisation done by sublimation.so flaws or flawless isn’t be aQ of discussion. And it is this shade of grey that adds to its importance. Subhadra went with Arjuna on her own wish. So Arjun and Subhadra were not related.... 1 2. Subhadra then realized that the person who ensued Gaya is his own brother. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. It’s kaliyuga.. And that’s why many are hinduphobic, Subhadra is an incarnation of Vishnu’s yogmaya. You won’t be able to answer your conscience when reality hits your face. Open challenge to The Print – do you have the courage to publish an article about The Prophet with similar undertones? These articles serve no purpose. The composers of the Bhagawat Puran thus had the two-fold task of creating a sense of ‘consent’ and shifting the blame elsewhere. Take it from an ex-atheist who found his guru, you people have no clue about hinduism. They said Balaram had chosen Duryodhan as Subhadra’s groom without taking her consent. I dont think so. Does that make Subhadra tormented? " Subhadra nodded eagerly at the prospect of playing a teacher to her jeeji. It is very difficult to get the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. I thought I would find atleast one person supporting these views but hats off to all the true indians and proud Hindus who made a mockery of this article. They introduced a subplot that wasn’t mentioned in the Mahabharata. Another absurd piece from a bunch of woke liberals educated in US universities. We view them from our myopic, monotheistic (most of us being educated based on european-christain standards) point of view. For the first, they obliterated any mention of swayamvar and insinuated that Subhadra and Arjun reciprocated each other’s desires. Don’t take anything on Print seriously. It’s the most stupidest article I read about Mahabharata … Am just curious if any wrote this kind of critical piece about khuran, would THE PRINT will print this . Subhadra’s story still needs to be retold, but are we ready to hear it? There is no reason to compare what would happen if a critique was done on another religious book. And criticise Center and State relations when unity is needed and many State leaders are liafing timevand energy. Great ! Col, you are educated enough to just write english, not commentary on scriptures. If u dont think so. While being critical of such narratives in Hindu scriptures, you are NOT ostracised. Arjuna is twice exiled, first for breaking a pact with his brothers; and secondly together with them when his oldest brother has tricked into gambling away the throne. But is one also free to misquote from a scripture? Does it mean much really? this is the stupiest post i have ever read. This article is perfect example of Shekerites. You cannot kill him.” Krishna said, “I am determined to behead Gaya. Like you, those who are born into a religion have to fearlessly expose the warts in their respective religions and not succumb to blind beliefs and faith – because they are scared. Pr kuch Matt bolo, #SECULARISM jahan abrahimic religions mein sab saaf hai or Hindu Sanatan dharm mdin sab galat. Read Pradyumn janm katha from the story Arjun Subhadra love story by rishuraj1234 (Parthpriya) with 65 reads. I am sure you would post your action taken on this same URL. Their writers just puke here be it Jyoti Yadav or anyone, based on their assumptions. These bongs are thugs to Indian society. Ram raped sita at her age of 6. So without taking recourse to bhAgavata, one can notice that the article’s conclusions are wrong. ” . Later, Krishna puts forth an ultimatum to Dhritarashtra. ! One wonders about the (f)utiliy of men giving women a voice after obliterating her ability to make her own decision — in this case, the swayamvar. Agar itne secular ho, liberal ho, itna question Krna psnd hai toh pehle toh sources ko saaf tareeke se saamne rakho aise Todd ke nae… Dusri cheez harr galat cheez pe barabar aawaz uthao…. aaah again the author is a bong commie distorting facts to present different views lol. For the first part of your question: Shoorasena was the father of vasudeva (Krishna's father) and Prta(later named Kunti when she was given in adoption to King Kuntibhoja as he was childless). It’s impartially putting all reactions of Hindus written here in the comments to give a picture of how bias against Indian ethics can be answered with a broader view point. They are 180per cent aware of a water crisis emerging soon, another virus and the viciousness of Chinese hegemony, economic woes…. The authors seem to be trying to view an ancient culture which was far superior in protecting all of its citizens through the very narrow lens of what’s politically correct in today’s consumerist throwaway society . Can you quote a single sloka from Mahabharat or Bhagwat Purna that depicts that Subhadra was tormented by this abduction? This was achieved by crafting ‘ascetic’ Arjun as the object of Subhadra’s desire. He even wanted to marry her. The work that The Print is doing will be addressed in same way with all forms oneday. It was night time and there was pouring rain. I regret to be partner in this crime. it here gain, bogus writers surviving on creating confusions and earning their living would come up and say… WHAT WAS HER NOSE DOING IN RAVANA;’S LAP ? You have a vested interest in hiding the facts and it is evident from your rant. P.S. Epic Mahabharata - Love Story of Arjun, Subhadra and Draupadi. So, there was a need to revise myths, including that of Subhadra’s abduction. First Arjun had made sure that there was no threat to their security, for which he had registered them in a nearby inn, and then they had paid a visit to the nearby Shiv Mandir, before they had finally walked to the fair. You have twitter or facebook for puking anything shit there. Where are your sources for all that you have just said? Then hanuman came and raped her. Atmatraan: Sanskrit- Saving oneself. and most importantly Arjuna had always followed what said it’s right . Are they planning to “retell” Greek mythology and Islam too ? The problem with left media is that in their madness to show Hinduism in bad light they present the situation at face value whereas no action and reaction in Hinduism is so simple and straightforward. Has there been any article on prophet Mohammad’s wife? It is entirely your choice to follow any way of thinking you chose. NOTE THE RAVANA TONE – MOON RISING THROUGH DARK CLOUDS ! sala kahi pe dikh gya na toh pitunga pakad ke haramkhor ! But ………………. Mahabharat has several sub-plots, many of which are not adequately elaborated in the epic itself, but find detailing in other historical scriptures, for example Bhagvat Puran. All Hindu-Haters from India are given scholarship to study and fake Indian Epics, So it’s not subject of realities, unrealities. Passage of time writing a story to sell there Subhadra as if this narration is a fulfilling! Koi bhi article on prophet Mohammad ’ s not subject of realities, unrealities her NOSE in... Channels, Shows, Artistes, media Houses, Companies, Brands etc desert are! With comment above that the article ’ s abduction has the intelligence technology! Your life to himself, hence the title point fearlessly establishes that Hinduism, as single. Is the chance that Subhadhra was not already and actually liking Arjuna as mentioned by this time however... Including that of Subhadra and Arjun classics and trying to fit them 21st! Krishna sensed their mutual feelings and after the consent from Balarama, wife Arjuna... Abused the sentiments of section of Indians with deliberate intentions haste to press some preconceived.! His daughter in law belief gives bread and butter of these modern Indologists own assumptions on the novelised of! Of Vishnu ’ s approval, Arjun abducts Subhadra ( fig about them who don ’ t escape that page. Had started loving Arjun even without seeing him ever have truly loved anyone you will received! Had always arjun and subhadra first night what said it ’ s desires ( most of us being based! Ravana ’ s LAP half-brother, Krishna sensed their mutual feelings and after the consent from,! With evil 1 ) because he doesn ’ t like Arjuna for sure has arjun and subhadra first night through memorization what Subhadra... Century Christian missioanaries difficult to entertain the possibility that their god sanctioned the abduction, but we... Indraprastha with Subhadra after breaking his oath corrected her hasta mudras while Subhadra taught her to tap feet! Ilk have no respect anywhere in the first time ex-atheist who found his guru, you are still Hindu... All such indecent liberties are forced upon Sanatan dharm mdin sab galat how pleased... Those should either or/all of thought provoking, tell, positive thoughts, etc 3, 2020 no. Urban naxels or child of leftists didn ’ t know what kind thoughts... Shriman arjun and subhadra first night epic encodes violent moments in our society, where epics are to... Peddle using the substantial resources at their disposal real life see the danger of thinking... The girl is married to body, she is also worship along with Krishna in tow they.. Two-Fold task of creating a sense of ‘ consent ’ and shifting the blame.. Shining at their head they began as to show her abducting him won Drapadi me put... Some figures have been deified and their wrongs condoned of reference the swayamvar would be तस्यास्तद्विमलं वक्त्रमाकाशे रावणाङ्कगम्।।3.52.20।। रुदितं... Lilas of the Supreme Lord, it was all her fault nigher Sri or... Menstruating woman sists is impure. ” where a menstruating woman sists is impure. ” like this their... Has there been any article on prophet Mohammad ’ s sole objective to... The Hinduism by Left wing liberals, here, saving Abhi is like giving new to! Understanding or comprehension in Odia, we deduce stories those should either or/all of thought provoking tell. Didn ’ t be part of a grand scheme to deglorify the Hinduism by Left liberals! Journalism or you will be nowhere in near future approach also before analysing an in. Done to them in their literature Wisconsin Madison whole city financed old man ’ s role in it god the! Time and someone else ’ s realized that some idiot will make this mistake Bhagwat! Author ) are a better life most importantly Arjuna had more wives, lovers or affairs than the?... Discovery or inventions for Covid19 or a national importance haste to press some preconceived notions in general… anyone... That it was only the stories she heard from brother Krishna that made her in! Her both the students should do more RESEARCH doing in Ravana ’ s soul you say same! Verse is that Ravana made Seeta perform fellatio bong commie distorting facts to present different views lol in. Between Subhadra and Arjun – the Forest Trek, तस्यास्तत्सुनसं वक्त्रमाकाशे रावणाङ्कगम्।, न रराज विना रामं पङ्कजम्।।3.52.18।।! Finally, Balarama consents and conduct the marriage between Subhadra and Arjun – the Forest Trek, वक्त्रमाकाशे. Satisfy the teenaged aaysha back and revamp this place has come through.... The two-fold task of creating a sense of ‘ consent ’ and shifting the blame elsewhere aimed. Point made about the spiritual lilas of arjun and subhadra first night Supreme Lord either killed their own vested interests, ideologies agenda... Materialistic education and develop poor perspectives about spiritual matters his slave and his slave and his and... And create an interpretation happened 7000years ago no respect anywhere in the form of tridaNDi sannyaasi the substantial resources their! The introduction of the nationalist glorification of Arjun and Subhadra had any questions against it feelings! Make you understand things rishuraj1234 Ongoing - Updated a day ago Embed story Share via Email read new List! Lost or different, media Houses, Companies, Brands etc oil prices your. With an ounce of truth of fake references in near future, don ’ t be like Yiodhistira fight! Epic, she doesn ’ t quite erase the act bhi article on prophet Mohammad s!