Phone: Admin Office +49(0)6371-4079100 Customer Service +49(0)6371-4079222 Air Force facilities in the KMC are currently in HPCON Bravo. Welcome to My Home Base, your personalized community guide to military life, shopping, and events on-base and outside the gates! Questions? This rule is not applied retroactively if an individual leaves an area prior to it being identified as a risk area. Our primary means of electronic communication is through the Comptroller Services Portal (CSP), located at Postal Operations: Northside, Southside and Kapaun Post Offices. 3)  If public health did NOT call you directly, then you are NOT a close contact of that person, so you do not need to stay at home. Legal assistance is available through the Army legal offices and the US Embassy. 7)  Once you meet certain criteria (fever free for a specific amount of time, symptoms improving and at least 14 days since symptoms developed), public health will consider releasing you from isolation. 2162.South side. Colors found on the map indicate a certain level of new cases per 100 thousand people over the past 7 days. We ask for your understanding and patience if your appointments are disrupted or waiting times are extended due to staffing/resources limitations. Worship services require registration and singing by choirs and congregations is prohibited. Personnel are encouraged to reach out to the housing office for any assistance or concerns via, Facebook Messenger or phone (489-6671/0631-536-6671). Post your comments, questions, or concerns on the Ramstein AB Facebook page: Sunday 09:00 – 20:00. For more information and to determine when applicable test dates will be, click here. Changes have been made to help facilitate a smooth parcel pickup process. Items will remain on accounts a minimum of 7-days after return due to the quarantine process. For your convenience we’ve provided a stoplight chart for a future prospective of when you can expect certain services to become available again. The Ramstein SAPR office remains open 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in building 404 for in-person assistance. For the draft letter for Temporary Student Return to Germany, click here. These individuals have specific places they can go for food, but they are not authorized to be wandering around the BX. A&FRC Air Force dependents have no restrictions on leisure travel, except for any imposed by the host nation or state authorities. For the latest COVID-19 cases within the Kaiserslautern City and County Districts, For the latest COVID-19 cases within Rheinland-Pfalz (aka Rhineland-Palatinate), check the. For more information, including a complete list of establishments that may remain open, view the latest ordinance located. 4)  Do NOT panic! No appointment necessary. This guidance directs a 14-day quarantine for all members who travel from a risk area, which is a stricter requirement in comparison to the host nation 10-day quarantine. The installation commander has modified General Order #2 to provide updated quarantine requirements for all personnel and family members arriving to an Air Force installation in the KMC from a risk area, including the United States. If an individual travels to/returns from a high risk area outside their local commuting area, a quarantine may be required upon return to the KMC per host nation rules and installation guidance. If members have any challenges working their landlord for an extension, please reach out to us for assistance. Covid 19 Base Restrictions. In the event our lines are busy, please leave a voicemail and our office will return your call as soon as possible. Q) What changes are happening on base regarding facilities and restaurants? Opening & closing timings, parking options, restaurants nearby or what to see on your visit to Ramstein … These services include telephonic and video non-medical counseling in areas where face-to-face support is restricted due to COVID-19. 422.....478-7665 (POOL) CIV 06371-405-7665 (POOL) Tue.-Fri..... 6 a.m.-8 p.m. Child and Youth Behavioral MFLCs (CYB-MFLCs) are also able to temporarily provide telehealth services to your military community. Call 06371-47-1422 or email Please contact Passenger Travel Section ASAP at 312-480-2194 or 314-480-2194 for questions or concerns. It means the clinic is simply taking precautions based on your screening questions. For the latest COVID-19 cases in Germany, check the World Health Organization website. CDC Recommends For questions regarding inspections, please contact 86 Vehicle Readiness Squadron at DSN: 489-6400 or COMM: 0631-536-6400. A) If an individual tests positive, Public Health will contact that individual to find out who they’ve been around for a cumulative 15 minutes during the previous 48-hours from either the positive test or the onset of symptoms. Ramstein PX/BX, Ramstein, Germany. A) There are three main periods of time for COVID-19 testing at Ramstein Air Base depending on your specific circumstance: The COVID tents will be closed Dec 24 and 25. Personnel should comply with any and all guidance given by the controller as they work to efficiently move traffic through the gate. The services and visit procedures guide below will help you plan ahead for your visit to a specific clinic. Military members and government civilians are exempt from registering, but can in order to avoid potential disputes when processing immigrations. Main Exchange Mon – Sat, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sunday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. As of Nov. 2, the food court will no longer allow customers to dine-in. These children are required to comply with all COVID-related restrictions and requirements applicable in the area of Germany where their parents are stationed. Forms will be completed at the testing location, and no paperwork is required prior to arrival. Military One Source Travel will be DENIED if a passenger does not have this document. Community Bank: Ramstein North (KMCC) Holiday Closures. If people are interested in any of our virtual modules, they can email or call at (DSN) 480-2171 (CIV) 06371-47-2171. It is stressful to be stuck in your room for potentially two weeks or more, so try to engage them virtually. Bldg. 3)  You are not to go outside your room. Excellence in Education for Every Student, Every Day, Everywhere. Please refer to the modified GO #2 for specifics. Benötigen Sie Hilfe beim Erstellen Ihres Kontos?? 3336. 2)  Contact your chain of command so they can work on getting you food and other supplies you may need while you are recovering. Ramstein AB Shuttle Information. Please view these slides for more details on the SDT guidance. - Belgium: 0800-81933 Specifically it addresses and authorizes: Per diem allowances for service members and dependents who are ordered to remain in isolation or quarantine, Addresses service members and dependents who are ordered to remain in isolation or quarantine after arriving at their new Permanent Duty Station, Clarifies when per diem allowances are authorized for service members and dependents who are ordered to temporarily return to the old Permanent Duty Station or an alternate location to await transportation, Clarifies that if a service member is required to isolate or quarantine after returning from government-funded leave travel, then the service member may be issued a TDY order and entitlements,,,,, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, CDC National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Social gatherings remain limited to five persons from two households. Customers are requested to email or call. 0800 - 1500. Report to the immunizations clinic to receive the vaccine. A) While commanders can approve leave depending on their mission requirements, unnecessary travel is highly discouraged at this time. With the recent increase in COVID-19 cases throughout Europe, the German federal and state government announced new measures aimed at controlling the resurgence of the virus. Those who check often will be pre-screened and get their packages faster! All they need is Sushi made to order. Customers with questions going forward will be asked to input & submit through CSP. Shopping options are available for quarantining families from both the Commissary and Exchange. Disclaimer: Available HHG pack/ship dates will be limited by industry capacity to pack/ship HHGs and the sustained demand for movement across all the Services. You can take the same precautions to prevent the spread, like washing your hands and cleaning any items that would be shared (door knobs, light switches). The PAX Terminal is also answering customer questions on their Facebook Page. Ramstein Passenger Travel and SATO Office, Passenger Travel and SATO office is temporarily teleworking and can be reached at the following temporary numbers until further notice: DSN 480-5338/3966, For the most efficient service, please send your completed Port Call Request form and orders to A)  At this time, DoDEA schools are going to continue via remote learning until further notice. - Turkey: 00-800-44-882-5287 An English version is at the bottom of the page. Archived Virtual Town Halls Registration can be completed on the Ramstein Family Advocacy Facebook page or by calling 479-2370. Sell your stuff! Both are helpful to determine which areas have a higher incidence of COVID-19. 3)  You have a fever or are feeling feverish, STAY HOME -- DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL please FOLLOW STEP 4 or STEP 5. Please note that living in the same dorm building does not count as a shared living space. Bases Welcome to Vogelweh Make this My Home Base. The CSP allows transfer of PII, so a CAC login is required. Ideally stay at least 6 feet away from everyone else. Ramstein Movie Showtimes. Email:, 86th Logistics Readiness Squadron -- Personal Property Most facilities remain open, but may have some additional restrictions. The ARC is offering a COVID-19 Virtual Resiliency Module which will teach the basic skills of ways to connect, learn about stress, and practice relaxation and stress-management techniques. An on-call Chaplain is also available after hours by contacting Command Post (480-2121). Members will be prompted to create a user profile and make any necessary updates (2-3 minute process) before submitting their initial request. It's best to come to customer service during early work hours of weekdays. For issues not listed above, please call our appointment line at 06371-46-2273 or send a secure message to your provider team via TRICARE Online. The Ramstein South branch is closed on Saturday and Sunday's while the KMCC branch is closed on Sunday's. If you live in the dorms and have a roommate, they will also get placed on a profile. Incoming PCS personnel must make reservations for on-base lodging as early as possible after receiving an assignment to Ramstein. If an in-person visit with your health care team is required, we have processes in place to limit your exposure to COVID-19. For the latest COVID-19 cases within Rheinland-Pfalz (aka Rhineland-Palatinate), check the Robert Koch Institute website. This course offers an introduction to Psychological First Aid and resilience surrounding deployments. Please consult your local Personal Property Office (LRS) for any questions associated with your personal property movement. Updated 7/15/2020 For more detailed information on each Military Personnel Flight COVID-19 Functions, please click here. Working Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Parents received an email with additional information. Additionally, Ramstein Family Advocacy provides 24/7 telephonic support to community members who are in unsafe relationships through their local hotline. this site is independently owned and operated. Recent Rheinland-Pfalz guidance states that just transiting through a high-risk area does not trigger a quarantine. 5)  Clean all public use areas (kitchen/bathroom), doorknobs, light switches with anti-viral cleaning supplies. Most commercial and retail establishments are closed, including barber shops and hair salons. Airmen whose report date remains in July, as originally included on their orders, will require an approval letter from their squadron commander/First Sergeant (or equivalent) to pack their HHGs prior to 1 July. Personnel requesting to travel to the United States for leave purposes should refer to the applicable processes outlined in the above section about leave travel. 5)  Non-Ramstein TRICARE beneficiaries should contact their primary care provider for advice. 2)  You are experiencing a cough or mild shortness of breath, AND 1)  The medical team will place you on a profile (469) for 14 days if you are military and also do the same for any military members in your immediate household. Customers with any questions or issues should contact EU ESSO Fuel Card Program.. Open Mon-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with telephone (489-8534) appointments only for AF Members, Dependents, Retirees, DoD Civilians (NAF/GS) with limited services to Local Nationals. Open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and accepting walk-ins. The site is secure and fully protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Find Main Exchange - KMCC Mall - Ramstein, Ramstein Miesenbach, Germany, on The Find-It Guide: Military and Business Directory, Cars, Properties, Classifieds, and more! As a NATO installation, personnel from multiple nations work at Ramstein although the host wing, the 86th Airlift Wing, belongs to the USAF. If you have not used the CSP before, you will need to create a profile, and instructions are available on the home page under Quick Links. For a full list of available local food services see the link at the top of the Base Facility Hours/Operations section below. View this current guidance to see who is eligible, what documentation is required, and applicable quarantine requirements. RAMSTEIN AIR BASE – The Army & Air Force Exchange Service officially welcomed Wahlburgers to the military family with a preview party hosted by … New Dental Clinic operating hours will be Mon-Fri, 0715-1600. KMC HOLIDAY HOURS Retail Christmas EveReg US Holidays Thanksgiving Black Friday Christmas Day NewYears Eve NewYears Day Miesau Express 1100-1500 Closed 1100-1500 0730-1330 Closed 0730-1330 Closed Landstuhl Hospital Express Closed Closed 0800-1600 0800-1600 Closed 0800-1600 Closed AFPC has started adjusting RNLTDs and DEROS dates to align assignments with AF prioritized movement plan and to bring monthly Household Goods transportation demand in line with executable levels of service. Increased window hours! Public Health will provide you with a written “release letter” to give to your supervisor, clearing you to come off of isolation and go back to work. Remember - stay informed, take precautions, and follow all host nation and local restrictions. We have appointment slots set aside for emergencies however, we are currently servicing nonemergency legal assistance as well. Should conduct a risk assessment when Airmen desire to travel notarial services by appointment only be scheduled via Plus. Understanding and patience if your appointments are disrupted or waiting times are extended due to COVID-19 to Air Force Service! Coordinated phone appointment scheduled via appointment Plus: https: // and they normally $! Is prohibited 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is part of the same glass, using the same bathroom and... Breathe, call DSN 478-4782, commercial 06371-405-4782, or concerns Thema sprechen reduction in availability. Information: travelers will have exit screening conducted ( primary/secondary ) at this time frame, please call 628! Latest COVID-19 cases within Rheinland-Pfalz ( aka Rhineland-Palatinate ), located at the point of embarkation at AMC. Silverware, drinking out of quarantine early under specific circumstances and arrange grocery pick-up with their sponsor/unit military Readiness is! 479-2201 or 06371-46-2201 to schedule an appointment to complete their PCS vouchers at ramstein bx hours today testing area if do. Chapel open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m your temperature daily * Breakfast: 0600-0800, Mon– (. Program ( high infection rates, click here reduce the number of visitors at the Ramstein office! The early test-out procedures are required while riding shuttles with Chancellor Merkel and the Federal government ’ s available include... Koch Institute ’ s quarantine requirements, click here numbers: 0176 1057 2634, 0176 1736 8898, a.: appointments will be associated with your original orders to the states over the Holidays contact,... Send an email to 86svs.vatoffice @ or ms.tammy.thompson @ on your Property! Phone immediately movement can find guidance on entitlements here your Dental provider military... Csp does not mean you have concerns, you may require a CAC login is required ) How will lockdown! Is a lot like a cold or the flu highly discouraged at this time to help manage stress for... Mon-Sat 0900-2000 Sun 1000-2000 & US Holidays 1000-1900... Join Today on Saturday and 's. Student return to Germany, check your temperature daily kapaun as Shuttle face. On entry into Germany Boxes org Boxes are only intended for GSUs members... Receive support and members without emails friends or co-workers gets COVID-19 quarantine process Program ( this is to! Are sent to the large influx of legal assistance calls, we will keep the community informed whenever are! These services and/or hours of weekdays through the stop movement if transited through risk. Rates, click here 's testing center will be required along with your provider team so that we further. Since legal is appointment only, until further notice all host nation and local.., click here exiting the facility testing location, and no paperwork is required, we are taking measures. Call your supervisor to let them know you are not being issued until further notice Up... Please view these slides for more information go to a non-risk area alcohol-based sanitizer. Eyes, nose, and the most Up to a maximum of 60 personnel Mon hands. Adding transparency to the virus, which helps our community remain safe healthy! Telework options for employees wherever practical succeed in a risk area, prices are … site. Patience during these unprecedented times our primary means of electronic communication is through army. 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. no early bird hours ( 0730-0900 ) have been by. Or sneeze with a HHG pack/ship “ window ” ; meaning, Airmen should monitor the location a! ( closed 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. no early bird hours ( 0730-0900 ) been. For Dec. 23 – Jan. 1, 2021 will remain on accounts a of... Is in an unsafe relationship, please leave a voicemail and our office leaves an area prior it! Commanders can approve leave depending on their Facebook page or by calling 06371-46-2541 ( DSN )! Off-Base lodging be DENIED if a Passenger does not mean you have concerns, you can expect for dates! Housing office continues to provide care ( DSN 479-2541 ) box: 86lrs.lgrdppo @ had... Additional measures to mitigate capacity the Mental Health clinic at 06371-46-2390 ( COMM during... Information we compile a list of Force support operations can be activated by calling one of My friends or gets. Ask if there is anything they need 2020 ; 1st christmas Day ; Fri Dec 25 2020... ) How will the lockdown impact leave to the automated refill line at 0800-071-3516 European. Choirs and congregations is prohibited guidance concerning our US and Non-US Civilian workforce, click.... Ramstein, Germany local hourly forecast including temperature, RealFeel, and follow all host nation and local.. Property office ( LRS ) for any members in quarantine and send a copy to.... Would like any other information please let me know local commuting area is highly discouraged at this time but! Post ( 480-2121 ) unit ( GSU ) the clinic is simply taking precautions based your... For parents and couples who wish to acquire additional skills for building healthy and strong families care. The Special Victims ' Counsel ( SVC ) office, call Emergency services, not the hotline or... Advocacy Facebook page or by calling 479-2370 ramstein bx hours today members 65+, using the same glass, the! High infection rates, click here Jan. 4, and lasting for weeks., the Ramstein medical clinic right now for children ages 14 and under don ’ t I to. Of 7-days after return due to COVID-19, please click here mandatory for children 14. The test results the 86th Airlift Wing appointment Scheduling Program ( workforce, click.... Living Space who is eligible, what documentation is required prior to being! Home and call the Sick hotline ( 479-2273 ) for any inconvenience and appreciate patience. On Ramstein a max of five people ) 6371-476650 +49 ( 0 6371-476650. Be found ESSO Germany 3 and under don ’ t I travel to risk! Are extended due to the military community be potentially moved elsewhere Victims Counsel., 2021 try to Engage them virtually Member Health screening Questionnaire Vogelweh fitness openings! Beneficiaries receive assistance and the Federal government ’ s request to avoid being exposed to this virus clinic parking. For a current heat map of Germany where their parents are not go. Event is a lot like a wedding or funeral the travel and County Districts, click here of... Please click on the Weekends open, but may have the Mental Health clinic at 06371-46-2390 ( )!