Leading American insurance company, Allstate, in October 2020, released what is arguably one of its most memorable commercials to date. It sounds like French. Photo: AlaskaDave, CC BY-SA 3.0. I have some answers. You have questions. Q: Allstate features an island in one of its commercials. You have questions. Posted by 3 months ago. The Island :60 Allstate commercial features a man that lives in a picturesque town, where he runs all his errands for the day and complete them before his kettle has boiled on the stove. Can you tell me more about this island such as location, population, etc.? Between 2003 and 2016, he appeared in more than 250 commercials. A real island was shown in an Allstate television advertisement in 2020. share. Allstate TV Commercial, 'Island' Song by The Babe Rainbow. 3. Press J to jump to the feed. Original Poster 3 months ago. Coconut Island is situated 1¼ miles north of Allstate. Reply. Sit back and enjoy some of Allstate's most memorable TV commercials. Asked by Wiki User. Q: Allstate features an island in one of their commercials. A small island featured in an Allstate television advertisement is real. very top comment on that video. Ad ID: 3021953 60s 2020 ( Active ) A man sets a teakettle on the stove, grabs his keys and begins his daily errands. Many factors go into the cost of your auto insurance policy, including how you purchase the policy: online, through a call center, or with an agent. 3. Allstate Identity Protection is offered and serviced by InfoArmor, Inc., a subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation. Saba is a small island at 13 square kilometres (5.0 sq mi) in size and roughly circular in shape. The two islands are collectively referred to as Ona.The islands are located 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) northwest of the island of Sandøya. He travels to the ocean to get some fresh fish, to the bakery in town for a loaf of warm bread and to a local farmer's house for a carton of homegrown eggs. Along with the commercials starring Haysbert, Allstate is also airing ads starring Dean Winters, who portrays the company’s havoc-wreaking character, Mayhem, since 2010. Report Save. Close. Quote Reply Topic: island allstate Posted: 01 Dec 2020 at 3:52am the island matthew mcconaughey wanna be is nice enough to drop the gal in the beginning of the ad off at the dock so she can get back to the bar where they hooked up at … In the late '80s, he portrayed the baseball player Pedro Cerrano in the film trilogy, Major League. Coconut Island, or Moku Ola is a small island in Hilo Bay, just offshore from Lili'uokalani Park and Gardens, in Hilo, off the island of Hawaii. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company and its affiliates. level 2. Does the tiny island in the Allstate commercial actually exist? Allstate Island commercial location Where is Allstate Commercial Island? Ona is a village and an island group located in Ålesund Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway.The tiny island of Ona and the larger island of Husøy are separated by a shallow 15-metre (49 ft) wide waterway. However, it appeared that a wide shot of the island may have been altered in the editing process in order to give it a cleaner look. ... Two small islands connected by the bridge you can see in the commercial. Does the tiny island in the Allstate commercial actually exist? I have some answers.